The Engineering Workspace is a comprehensive display application that provides the tools and information you need to manage every aspect of FactoryStudio.

At the toolbar, you can click at the Blue Cube to configure your workspace themes:

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Navigation in the FactoryStudio workspace is based on a hierarchy of user interface screens with three levels: environments, sections (or modules) and tabs:


At the highest level, there are four environments: Edit, Draw, Run, and Info. 

To configure the basic elements of your project, from the Main Menu, click on the "Edit" icon. This displays an index of all the main sections: Tags, Security, Devices, Alarms, Datasets, Scripts, Displays and Reports:

The "Draw" icon allows you to configure dynamic displays. Select the Display on Edit-Displays and click on the Draw icon to access the graphic designer. 

The Run environment provides access to all project execution commands. 

The "Info" icon provides access to current project information.

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