About FrameworX Documentation

In this section, you'll find links to all of the main sections of our documentation, including a broad overview and information relating to modules, architectures, installation, and our main User Guide. The sidebar on the left is a table of contents organized so you can navigate easily and quickly through Tatsoft's features, modules, functions, and so forth. 

Platform Overview

This sections gives an overview on key features and highlights, architecture, core modules and application areas. Platform Overview

What's New In 9.2

Are you looking for something that has changed? Or maybe you want to see what we have been adding to the software? Check the New in 9.2 page for a list of improvements.  New in this Version.

Getting Support And Training

You can find our free online Training Courses at training.tatsoft.com, where we have courses from basic to advanced.

For registered users, submit a ticket by email or at our support portal support.tatsoft.com.

User Manual

Our User Manual gives a comprehensive technical reference on creating and deploying solutions. User Manual.

Integrations And Communication Drivers 

Connectivity is one of our core values: we have native Integrations to OPC UA, MQTT and Canary Labs, and we offer over 70+ Communication Drivers. Integrations.

Project Examples

Check the Demo projects included in the product installation, and the various Project Examples about specific features.

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