The Draw environment provides all the construction tools for building your application screens. IT provides a Vertical toolbar at the left side of the workspace, and a Horizontal toolbar along the bottom. By clicking any of the icons in the Vertical toolbar, you select the type of object to add to the display. The Horizontal toolbar provides various tools to Align, Group, Merge, Rotate and other object manipulations.The Project Configuration Environments are:

Selection Tool

  • Click once on an object to select it.
  • CTRL+click to select multiple objects (and object groups), one at a time. Hold down the CTRL key as you click on each object.
  • Shift+click to toggle selected object from among more than one selected objects.
  • Click in an open area of the display area then select a group of elements by highlighting the desired elements while holding down the left mouse button.
  • Double-click on an object to open the "Dynamics configuration" window which provides settings for dynamic object properties.

Direct Selection Tool

Use this tool to select an object inside a group (and modify its properties). Click once on the object to select it.

You can also add, remove and modify the points in a Polyline with the Direct Selection Tool.

  • To move the point, select it by clicking on the point and hold the left mouse button down. Drag the point to its new position.
  • Double-click on a point to add a new point adjacent to the selected point.
  • Right-click on a point to delete the selected point.

Hand Tool

Use the Hand tool to modify the view window by clicking once on the display background and holding down the left mouse button then shift the display to the desired position

More on the QuickStartGuide

Create a Rectangle object. 

 Create a Polygon object. 

 Create an Ellipse object. 

 Create a Polyline object.

 Create a Button object

Create a CheckBox object.

Right-click on this box to access the tools in the horizontal popout menu. After a tool is selected from this menu it becomes the default tool for that block in the vertical bar. These options let you create a Radio-Button object, a ComboBox, a ListBox, PasswordBox, DatePicker, or a DateTimeTextBox

 Open the Symbol Library.

Using the graphical development tools, you can create Symbols to use in the project. The library comes with an extensive set of symbols such as Switches, Tanks, Meters, Pumps, Buttons, Gauges, Sliders and more.

 Insert Images.

Import images or select them from the library.

Advanced control object.

Right Click on this object to access the tools in a horizontal popout menu. This tool can be used to create a Web Browser, a PageSelector, a ReportViewer, XPSViewer, a CircularPanel, Calculator, or WPF Component object. 

Create an Alarm Window.

You can create and position the Alarm Window. 

Create a Trend Window.

Position the Trend window and double-click to open the configuration window.

Create a DataGrid Window.

Used to display and interact with data from most common databases and data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, CSV files, Microsoft Access, PI, Firebird, Informix, and Excel. Any database that supports ODBC, ADO.NET or OLE-DB can be accessed. 

Horizontal Toolbar

The Horizontal Toolbar provides the tools needed to manipulate objects within the display. These tools provide the following functions:

  • Grid definition
  • Screen Zoom
  • Group
  • Ungroup
  • Union
  • Intersect
  • Exclude
  • Exclusive-Or
  • AlignLeft
  • AlignHorizontalCenter
  • AlignRight
  • AlignTop
  • AlignVerticalCenter
  • AlignBottom
  • Move To The Front
  • Move To The Back
  • Resize Width
  • Resize Height
  • SpaceEvenlyHorizontal
  • SpaceEvenlyVertical
  • FlipHorizontally
  • FlipVertically
  • LockElement
  • UnlockElement (use Direct Selection Tool to select the locked object)
  • UnlockAllElement
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