This section will present an overview of the System Management and Project selection user interfaces.

When starting FactoryStudio, the first interface shown (image 1) is the Welcome page, which allows you to create and select projects, map to remote servers and manage the software license.

The navigation tabs present 3 sections, Projects (Project Workspace), Server and License.

Projects Workspace

This interface allows you to view the FactoryStudio projects in your computer, or remote computers, and create new projects. You can list your projects in many ways: the 3D View (Image 1), Card View (Image 2) or Table View (Image 3).

Each item shown is a complete FactoryStudio project.

Some very unique and powerful features about Tatsoft tools for project management include:

  • This Welcome interface is product version agnostic. That means you can manage and open even projects created with different product versions without the need to upgrade the project in the field or to switch the engineering tool in your computer.
  • Each project is a single file. All configuration, including tag definition, displays drawing, images and report templates is stored in a single file for easy management.
  • You can open multiple projects at the same time or allow multiple engineers to work on each project.

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Image 1: Welcome interface showing projects using 3dview

Image 2: CardView Visualization

Image 3: TableView Visualization

Main command buttons

Refresh button: updates the projects list

Open Project: opens the selected project.

New Project: opens a dialog to enable the creation of a new project

Find Project: allows including or removing folders on the search paths used to create the project list

Search Paths: shows the currently selected search paths.

+ Add a folder to the search paths

- Remove the selected folder from search paths


For each search path you may also define a Virtual Path name for remote access filtering, and enable or disable the ability of remote users to access the configuration or remotely run your projects in your local computer

Server Workspace

Select the computer or server to populate the project list at the Welcome Interface.

LocalHost: The system searches for projects on the local computer, without connecting to any service.

Server: The system will connect to the server specified in the Remote name field to create the project list.

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