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FactoryStudio 8.1

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Installing Procedure

Clean/First Installation 

When you install FactoryStudio for the first time, you will be prompted to choose the installation type:

  • Complete: All program features are installed and requires the most disk space
  • Typical: Installs all the default program features. Recommended for most users
  • Custom: Allows users to choose which program features are installed and where they are installed. Recommended for advanced users

For the Custom Setup, you can select whether the Sample projects are installed, and you can select which communication protocols you want to install. Please note: If you do not install a particular protocol and end up needing it in the future, you will have to rerun the Install Wizard.

You can choose to install the TWebServer (our default webserver) as a service or as a component. We recommend installing it as a service so you do not have to manually run it whenever you need it. 

After completing the installation process, a main folder name FactoryStudio and a subfolder to the specific version (for example fs-8.1) are created.

Installing Multiple Versions

To install multiple major versions on the same computer, the installation order must be chronological.

Meaning that you must start with the oldest major version and move your way to the newer ones.

2014.2 --> 8.1 --> 9.1

When a new version is installed, the main folder (FactoryStudio) contents are overwritten and a new sub-folder (fs-9.1) for the new version is created.

Since the files in the main folder (FactoryStudio) will be replaced when you install multiple versions, the Welcome page will have the layout of latest version installed, but you will still be able to edit/create projects in every version installed. 

Uninstalling Procedure

When you uninstall a version, only that version's specific subfolder is uninstalled. Since the main folder (FactoryStudio) remains untouched, you can continue running the Welcome page and can open Projects in another version.

The main folder (FactoryStudio) will always have the last (newest) version installed. This is why the project window continues with 9.1 even if you uninstall fs-9.1.

There is no way to roll back the Welcome/Project Manager because the files are overwritten.

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