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The Auto-Start SmartClient (ASSC) watchdog application is used to automatically start the TSmartClient in your project's remote stations. This application requires the software version 2014.2.12 or newer. When installing the software, the file AutoStartSmartClient.exe will be added to the installation folder.

In the current version, the files AutoStartSmartClient.exe and AutoStartSmartClient.exe.config must be manually copied from the server station's installation folder to a folder in the remote station. After copying the ASSC application to the remote station, the user must configure the .config file or the ASSC will startup with several parameters that will take priority over any parameters in the .config file. 


The Remote Station must have already installed Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or 4.5.

When the ASSC application is running on the remote station, the ASSC application with check every 30 seconds to see if the TSmartClient is running, or the user can set a time parameter for how often the application checks. 

If the TSmartClient is not running, the ASSC application will refer to its configuration parameters to check for any communication with the server station. If the ASSC application is able to connect with the project through the TServer on the server station, it will restart the TSmartClient on the remote station using the url parameter.

Parameters configuration

Before running the ASSC application, you need to set the parameters in the AutoStartSmartClient.exe.config file, or you can pass the parameters by using a shortcut file.

The available parameters are:

  • url : The SmartClient url that is found at Info > Redundancy
  • hidden: A flag (true or false) used to set whether a popup is visible or runs in the background.

   TRUE: window runs in background

   FALSE: window is visible (default)

  • browser : The browser that will be used to run SmartClient. Internet Explorer is the default browser.
  • timer : The time (in seconds) between each attempt to retry the connection. 
  • ip: The computer IP for the computer running the runtime service, TServer.exe. 
  • port : The SmartClient listening port.  By default, TServer.exe runs on port 3101. 
  • username: The RuntimeUser that is logged in. The default username is guest. 
  • password : A user created custom password.
  • viewonly : A flag (true or false) to see if a project can be edited or is view only.

   TRUE: Project is view only

   FALSE: Project can be modified (default)

Configuration example

To pass the parameters in the AutoStartSmartClient.exe file, you must create a shortcut to the file in a folder on the remote station. To do so, go to the installation folder and search for the executable.

Right-click on the file and select Create Shortcut. Then, place it in the desired folder. In order to finalize the configuration, right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties.

Configure the file path as:

Code Block
AutoStartSmartClient.exe /url:http://<IP Address>/<binary folder>/TSmartClient.application /timer:<seconds>

E.g.: AutoStartSmartClient.exe /url: /timer:30

The url can be copied from the Engineering environment at Info>Redundancy>Smart Client url. See the image below:

After setting the configurations, double-click on the shortcut file and keep it running. You should see a window open with a message saying the application is waiting for the TServer to run. Once the project is executed, the TSmartClient will open automatically.


The TSmartClient needs a WebServer (ISS or TWebServer) running properly on the server computer.