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Factory Studio has the capability to generate reports on the fly. This can even be done on client displays or for saving in files like XPS, HTML, Unicode, ASCII, and PDF.

These reports can have multiple graphical components like tables, tags, grids, trends, etc. All of these components have the ability to update data when a report is generated. This provides users with the most up-to-date data in their reports. 

On this page:

Creating Reports

This section lets you configure and save a report's basic properties. Standard content can be added with the report editor. Then, application users can run reports.

To create or edit a report:

  1. Go to Edit > Reports > Reports.
  2. Select a report name or select the insert row (first row) to create a new report.
  3. Enter or select information, as needed.




Enter a name for the report. The system lets you know if the name is not valid.


Select padding when replacing a tag name with its value (the field for a tag will have the same number of spaces as the tag name is long). 

  • Compact—Removes any extra characters and displays only the tag value.
  • PadRight—Puts extra space for each character to the right of the tag value.
  • PadLeft—Puts extra space for each character to the left of the tag value.


Select the report format:

  • XPS
  • HTML
  • Unicode
  • PDF


Enter a string and {ObjectProperties}. Use the full path.


Enter an object property that will be the trigger.


Enter the file to append the report


Report size configuration.


Check what user groups can edit the report


Choose another report to be the Header.


Choose another report to be the Footer.


Read-only. Show if the report is a legacy.


Enter a description of this report.

[Other columns]See "Common Column Definitions", for the definitions of any other available columns. 

To change the report format between “portrait” and “landscape”, you need to change it in both NovaPDF (printer used by FactoryStudio) and the target printer.

Using the Report Editor

You create text, formatting, and values using the text editor.

To use the text editor:

  • Go to Edit > Reports > TextEditor.
  • Create the text, tags, and formatting for the report.
  • Click Save.
  • Configure the report properties for the display dynamics or script that will run the report.

Report Runtime Objects

The namespace Report lists all of the configured reports.

The most commonly used method of the report is the Save Command:


See "Namespaces" for the complete programming reference on runtime objects.

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