This application requires the software version 2016.2.X or newer. When installing the software, the HTML5 features will be available for use in any project. HTML5 displays can be accessed in any web browser.


Step 1: Open a project and go to Draw > Drawing. Click on the “Close Display and create a new one” icon to create a new display. Select the “HTML5 Client” option before clicking on the Ok button. See the picture below:

Step 2: Draw your display as you desire.

Step 3: Go to the Run section and Start up the project. After starting it, go to the Windows tray bar to hover over the TServer icon and verify the HTML5 port. See the picture below:


You must use a WebServer to access the HTML5 display. You can use the TWebServer, which is installed with the product, or the Windows Internet Information Services (IIS).

Step 4: Open the web browser and use the URL syntax below:

http://<Server IP Address>/fs-2016.2/HTML5/index.html

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