Protocol Communication drivers

Connectivity is a key feature of the FactoryStudio platform. The communication drivers of FactoryStudio are divided in 3 groups:

Included Protocols: communication drivers installed by default with the product.

Supported Protocols: drivers not included in the installation but available upon request. 

Premium Protocols: drivers included on the installation but require extension licensing.

New drivers are continuously being created by Tatsoft and partner companies using our Communication Driver Toolkit.

Included Protocols

The following communication protocols are included in the standard product distribution (listed alphabetically):

Supported Protocols

FactoryStudio has many protocols that are not released in the standard product distribution, but they are available upon request for no charge. Some of those protocols are already released while others are under development and testing. Contact us if you require any of the protocols on this list. Even if your required equipment is not listed, contact us. In many cases, if we have access to protocol documentation and testing units. There is no charge to create a native interface.

Here are our currently supported protocols, in alphabetical order:

  • Altus AL-1000, AL2000 and Nexto PLC
  • Mitsubishi Series A
  • Omron CS/CJ/CP-series CPU Unit or NSJ Controller
  • Reliance CP3000
  • Smar CD600

Premium protocols

There are a few interfaces that are available, but they are not included in the product distribution because they have their own installation packages or they are sold as an optional extension. This includes the following protocols, in alphabetical order:

  • DNP 3.0 Protocol
  • IEC-61850 Master standard protocol
  • IEC-870-5-104 Master standard protocol
  • IEC-870-5-104 Server standard protocol
  • OSIsoft PI System and PI AF, using AFSDK connector
  • WITS Level Pason
  • WITS Level passive
  • Bailey - INFI90 devices

Communication Driver Toolkit

The Tatsoft team has extensive experience in the creation of communication drivers. We have created more than two hundred interfaces over the past twenty years.

As a result of that accumulated experience, FactoryStudio has an open standard interface, the Driver Toolkit, to allow new protocols to be added in an easy and efficient way. The standard built-in infrastructure takes care of everything related to physically sending and receiving messages, access to real-time tags, address configuration as well as diagnostic and performance tools.

The Driver Toolkit is available to System Integration partners and licensed end users. Contact us if you need to create your own custom interfaces. 

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