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The following document describes the usage of the Copy/Paste tool to easily insert Tags into a Page.

How To Use

In order to copy and paste tags in your project, you need The first step to use this feature is to create a tag. This Tag in your Project. This tag can be as a simple as one, an array or a custom typeCustom Type. 

To better understand the feature, three examples are shown below. The tags created are as follows:

Code Block
1.	Tag.Integer1 -- Integer DataType -- Simple Tag.
2.	Tag.Digital1 -- Digital DataType -- Array of 10 elements.
3.	Tag.CustomType -- Custom DataType
-- Sub-Elements: Element1 (Integer), Element2 (Integer.)

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Now that our tags are were created, we can start adding them to our the display. Right-click on the at Integer1 tagTag, and select the  Copy Selected Row option.


Navigate to the Draw environment on your desired pageEnvironment, at the desired Page. Right-click on at the display and select Paste. The tag should be You should see the Tag being inserted into the display, and it should already be formatted with a TextOutput as its , for label, and a TextBox as its for displaying value.


The same logic can be applied to the for array tagsTags. Copy the tag row that's related to the Digital1 Array Tag row from Edit-Tags-Objects related to Digital1 Array. All of the elements should appear formatted when pasted Pasted into a page.

For a custom type tag, copy the parent Lastly, for a Custom Type Tag, Copy the Parent element from Edit-Tags-Objects and paste  Paste it into your page. The child elements will be automatically formatted in at the displayDisplay.


Copy and Paste Tags to Symbols

You create a symbol and give it the same name as a default tag template. When you do this and you copy/paste a tag from that template into the draw area, the symbol and all of its tag template structure will be pasted into the draw screen, instead of the default text output that is normally pastedWhen exists symbol with the same name of custom type, the copy and paste of a tag from this custom type to a page will not paste the tag to a Text Output, it will paste the symbol with the tag already configured.


Custom Type “Motor” and tag array Motors for motor type.


Below is the “Motor” symbol using the motor custom type:

When you copy/paste tags that use the Motors template onto a page, Executing copy of Motors tag to a page will past all motors symbols will be created and configured with the correct right tag.:

You can It is possible execute this operation with custom type inside of custom type with several different custom types type at same time.