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The requirements for a successful configuration of MQTT and Azure are listed below.:

  • MQTT Driver version 0.2.1
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Account
  • Visual Studio Code with an Azure IoT Hub


To download the extension that allows interactions with of Visual Studio, Azure IoT Hub, and IoT Device Management, click here.


New IoT Devices can be created through this the Azure IoT Hub extension. Select the context menu (1 below), click on Create Device (2), and enter a Device ID for the new IoT device. 


In your project’s Engineering environment, navigate to Devices>Channels and add a new MQTT channel channel by selecting it from the Installed Protocols menu.

In Devices>Nodes, add a node for the newly created MQTT Channel. The primary station's configuration is made as follows:


Once the device configuration is complete, go to Run>Startup and execute the project. Open Enable the TraceWindow (with the  Debug and Devices options enabled) and by clicking on settings and selecting the corresponding boxes. Open the TraceWindow and monitor the communication exchange.