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Access the Run-UseCount-Unused Objects tab and click on the Refresh button to get the current unused object list.

All of the objects that are found are objects that are unused. After you do this, select Select the object that you want to remove and click on “Remove”. To  You can remove more than one object , you can select by selecting multiple objects at once and clicking on Remove. 

When does it work?

Its works when there is an object that is not in use. It The unused objects can be either a tagtags, a devicedevices, or even a report page that is not being used.


No, it is very important to pay attention to the tags that are being passed by the Link property. Our Since you cannot undo this changes, our software warns you that it is highly not recommended to delete something in this situation, since you cannot undo the changes. (see previous image)


If the object is used as an expression, for example the TK.GetObjectValue, will it recognize the use? 

No, just like the “.Link” reference described beforeabove, the expression TK.GetObjectValue needs extra attention. Even if an object is in use, it will appear as if it were not in use. This is why we always recommend using the <Object>.GetName() method and not the “Object Name” as a typed text.