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The Industrial Icons Font deals with a character encoding approach that transforms alphanumeric characters into icons and is available in the Draw environment. The main purpose of the Industrial Icons Font is to facilitate the process of adding navigation or graphic indicators to your display, while ensuring your project has a modern look. 

Adding to a Project Display

To use this feature in your project, you need to insert a component into the display. In the example below, we used a Text Output (TTextBlock).

To change the font, you need to click on text configuration button that is in the left panel. See the image below. 

Image Modified

After clicking on this button, browse for IndustrialIcons. Then, select a typeface and font size.

Image Modified

Now, type a character into the textbox in the left panel. You should see the corresponding icon appear on the page.

Image Modified


Character into Icon Conversion

The complete conversion table is available below.

Image ModifiedImage Modified