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Verifying the Project Information

The Info environment provides access to the details for your current Project configuration. From the Main Menu, click on the “Info” icon. Then, click on "Projects".

FactoryStudio helps you gather and store information about your Project. The management of a project involves developing, installing, commissioning, and/or maintaining. In order to accomplish this, it's important to make sure you have an accurate software version, license, project, settings, etc.. The Project tab displays this information and allows you to make changes to the information. Some of these fields are also available during runtime.  

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Tracking Project Changes

A key FactoryStudio feature is the ability to track changes in a project configuration. Track changes helps to verify a project's configuration during various stages of development and implementation. This is important because you need to be able to verify which version of your project you are using when you are developing and working through diagnostics. To enable track changes, click on the "Track" icon. 

FactoryStudio tracks changes for every aspect of a project configuration. When you create tables, their names are displayed and an indication is made that changes have occurred. Double clicking on a line in the table brings you back to the editor display where you made the change. 

The Changes tab provides information regarding which module was changed, what the change was, which project build the change occurred in, the date the change was made, and any arbitrary comments that were made by the user.

The Releases tab provides information regarding the date of when a project was published, who published it, and the project's build number when it was published.

Adding Notes to the Project

During the development and implementation of a project, developers often need to leave notes for themselves or for other users who are collaborating on the project. Within FactoryStudio, developers can leave these notes by using the Notes utility. To use notes, click on the "Notes" icon. 

When you are editing a project, double click on a note to view it on the desktop similar to Post-it notes.  

Notes are viewable by all Project design team members. 

FactoryStudio Help

FactoryStudio includes a comprehensive guide to help explain our development tools. You can access the User Guide by clicking on the Help icon, or you can search a topic online using Keywords. These documents are also located on the Tatsoft website, and a  A file for this guide is also located in the FactoryStudio installation. 

License Information

The License tab displays information regarding your installed FactoryStudio license. This information will be needed if you need to contact us for technical support and for when you need to update to the latest version of FactoryStudio. To view this information, click on the "License" icon. 

The License tab gives you specific information regarding how many licensed users are currently allowed your the engineering mode as well as in runtime.