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The Themes function allows you to customize the appearance of your display to better suit your Project. It is available for .Net NET and HTML5 Clients.

On When you go to Run-Dictionaries-Themes, you will find predefined theme palettes that are built into most of the project templates, except for the . The Blank Project You can also is the only theme that does not have predefined theme palettes. Themes are completely customizable because you can select whatever color you want for each element in each columns. You can use this method to create your own theme by selecting colors for each column. .  

The colors and themes displayed in the image below are built into new projects. The DashBoard, HighPerformance and Standard display elements are grouped together in the ItemName column. 


Enabling/Disabling Theme

To Enable enable or Disable disable the themes function, navigate to the Draw Editor and click on the checkbox located at bottom of the panel on the left.

When a theme is disabled for an entire page, the theme for every object in the display will also be disabled. The color colors will be the built in predefined colors shown in the image above.


In Edit-Displays-Displays and under the .Net NET Client Settingssettingsyou will find an Initial Theme textbox. In this field, you can enter the name to whatever of whichever theme you want to be active for the project startup. 


Theme selection in runtime can be done by using the syntax below in Script codes, Expression fields, or objects configuration.